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Who let the doges out?

Image source: Dogecoin / Revolut

It’s the subject of countless memes and Reddit threads and now Revolut has added Dogecoin to its list.

The coin, currently worth $ 0.32 at the time of this writing, was added as part of Revolut’s new crypto launcher, Token Tuesdays.

Dogecoin is Revolut’s 30th coin to be offered through its app after eight new tokens were added on the first Token Tuesday of last week.

“I’ve already said that 2021 will be the year of cryptocurrencies and Revolut is here to deliver on that promise,” said Edward Cooper, head of cryptocurrency at Revolut.

“One of the most popular user requests over the past few months has been to add Dogecoin and we answered the call! We just launched Dogecoin in-app. Now enthusiastic crypto customers and newbies can buy and sell this popular token. ”

Dogecoin is one of the best-known “Memecoins” and currently has the sixth highest market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, currently at 42.82 billion US dollars.

Revolut has been relying on crypto lately.

Back in April, AltFi exclusively announced that Revolut would soon give paying metal customers beta access to transfer their Bitcoin holdings from Revolut.

During the beta period, there are a number of restrictions in addition to being restricted to metal paying customers. Only three external addresses can be added and withdrawals are capped at £ 1,000 / month or £ 500 / day with limits being reviewed in the future.

The digital banking service has also expanded its cryptocurrency offering thanks to an integration with Elliptic’s cryptocurrency compliance tools.

According to AltFi calculations earlier this year, Revolut could sit on crypto worth over £ 1 billion on behalf of its clients.

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