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The ADAX crypto project has its initial exchange offering on June 11th. The IEO is scheduled to take place on ExMarkets’ IEO launchpad. ExMarkets is a well-known crypto crowdfunding platform and is used to harness the power of the crypto community to lead them to new projects in the space for greater reach and growth.

ADAX is an undisclosed crypto exchange that operates in the Cardano ecosystem. As ADA gains a lot of traction as people began to see the potential of the blockchain, the need for their community and ecosystem to grow has become a necessity. The crypto space has already seen decentralized exchanges with Ethereum / BSC as the main currency that you can use to switch to any other currency. Examples of such exchanges are Uniswap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges. The problem with Uniswap or any other exchange is that the gas fees are much higher and the transaction speeds are slow. Using Cardano in such an environment is only suitable as it promises much higher speeds with low transaction fees.

ADAX takes advantage of these advantages and wants to compete with the largest decentralized exchanges out there. Not only does this help grow the ADA community, it also helps with the adoption of crypto in general. Although they are still in the early stages, they are working hard on their adoption, which is why the project recently hosted a private sale that ended on June 7th. That being said, as mentioned above, they have their Initial Exchange Offering on ExMarkets to go a step further. Adax is a Cardano-based token and will be available during the IEO at a starting price of USD 0.20 USDT. The team has put 14 million tokens up for sale from the total of 100 million on offer. This is the best time not only to be part of a promising emerging stock market, but also to have the chance of realizing great returns as the market for Adax matures.

Comparing this token to its competitors in the market, Uniswap grew 30x in the first few months, while others like Pancakeswap saw a much larger rally of around 100x in the initial few months. Similarly, SushiSwap went from $ 0.6 to $ 23 in a short period of time. This comparison of ADAX-like tokens shows its potential in both the short and long term. Speculation aside, ADAX aims to increase its intrinsic value from time to time according to its roadmap, which coincides with the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. All in all, there are no big doubts when it comes to appreciating the value of ADAX in the future as crypto’s brief history is on its side.


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