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Crypto Flipsider News – July 15 – Cardano, DogeCoin Founder, Ransomware Task Force, Bybit and ShapeShift, Dolce & Gabbana NFT

  • Is becoming the most widely used digital currency
  • DogeCoin founder blames Crypto Space for being capitalist
  • White House sets up ransomware task force
  • Crypto trading platforms: Bybit expands, ShapeShift closes
  • Dolce & Gabbana goes to the NFT Space

Cardano is becoming the most widely used digital currency

Cardano (ADA) became the leading currency by the value used, reported the staking data platform Staking Rewards. According to their data, the total value currently wagered on Cardano is $ 29.73 billion. The network offers 6.63% of the staking rewards.

The other digital cryptos from the top 10 staking rewards are, Solana, Polkadot, Algorand, DAI, BSC, USDC, Terra and Cosmos. Polkadot offers the greatest rewards (13.28%).


  • It’s good to hear that someone is making nice profits with their rewards. At the same time, the Cardano Foundation has just entered into a partnership with the NGO Save Children of Rwanda, which enables direct ADA donations to the organization, so … you have the idea

DOGE co-founder called Crypto “hypercapitalist technology”

Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of the famous DogeCoin (DOGE), has stirred up the crypto community with a series of anti-cryptocurrency tweets.

When asked if he will ever return to digital currencies, Palmer called cryptos “an inherently right, hyper-capitalist technology.” He found that the crypto industry is controlled by a powerful cartel of wealthy people. The crypto space is slowly evolving into a centralized financial system that was once intended to replace, Palmer said.

He added that cryptos are used to add wealth to their proponents, take advantage of the lack of regulation, artificially enforce scarcity, and avoid taxes.


  • Nothing in this world comes without a price. If you want mass crypto adoption, be prepared for all the dirty side effects as well.

White House sets up its own ransomware task force

The US presidential administration is preparing to set up an “intergovernmental task force to combat ransomware attacks”. As Politico reports, the new task force will get involved in the field of cyber defense and take proactive action against ransomware operators. It will also help stop ransom payments through cryptocurrency platforms.

The move comes after a series of large-scale cyber ransomware attacks that wreaked havoc in the United States earlier this year.


  • United do we stand, divided do we fall? Congratulations must go to the numerous government agencies that have come together to fight cyber criminals. The US alone will not be enough in the field. As some ransomware groups may be related to their governments, international cooperation is urgently needed in this cyber world war as well.

Eternal big brand story: Now even D&G has an NFT

One of the best-known fashion brands, Dolce and Gabbana, has partnered with luxury marketplace UNXD to jointly develop a range of NFTs. The marketplace is digital and operated by the Polygon Network. The collection will be called Collezione Genesi or “Genesis Collection”. The collection is shown in Venice on the labels Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria and Alta Gioelleria.


  • It seems that we are witnessing a new move on par with that of boomers. This time around, the hype train is accepting volunteer brands creating their own NFTs. Unfortunately, the bigger they get, the harder they are.

Exchange updates: ShapeShift and Bybit

ShapeShift is converting its business model to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that the holders of their FOX token will now control the crypto trading pioneer. As a result, ShapeShift has distributed $ 98 million in crypto to DeFi investors across multiple blockchains. The company will not have any employees.

Bybit is expanding its range. The newly introduced type of contract are derivatives. These have been available to users since July 15, 6:00 UTC. The first trading pairs are BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT, XRP-USDT and EOS-USDT. More will follow shortly, according to the official e-mail newsletter.


  • Change is the only constant. However, it’s hard to ignore the impact ShapeShift’s decision to decentralize must have had on its (soon to be) former employees.


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