Crypto Pump Indicators for Binance 2021

crypto Pump Signals for Binance

How to find out about the upcoming pump on Binance?

Do you want to have up-to-date information about the upcoming pump and have enough time to prepare for a successful bid? To obtain the required data, it is enough to subscribe to the well-known “Telegram crypto pump chanel”. Information about the upcoming rise in the value of the cryptocurrency informs subscribers about a day before it starts. Also, the participants of the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel are aware of the cryptocurrency pair in advance, so they can prepare a link for a quick transition to the exchange and start purchasing at the appropriate moment.

⁉️Do you want to take huge profit every day? 👍It’s really easy‼️

🔔Trading signals will help you take HUGE PROFITS💰 in a ⏱short period of time, as well as quickly increase the volume of BTC in your wallet!

🏆Benefits for members of the VIP-channel👇

✔️ You will know 3-10 insider signals daily about upcoming pump;

✔️ You will always know the name of the coin before the pump starts🚀;

✔️ We guide you about our trading strategy (range of favorable prices for buying coins and 4-5 targets, when you need to selling coins to take a max profit;

✔️Our signals are aimed at successfully achieving 4-5 targets with profit from 5% to 95% in order to achieve the next target for the coin participating in the our PUMP🎯;

✔️Coins published in the VIP-Channel will be “Pumped” within 24 hours or in a shorter time duration;

✔️Also we provide you 🚀Pump signals for trading with USDT pair only (guaranteed 15 signals daily, usually we given 25-30 📝signals daily).

🧮The price of a subscription to the VIP channel:

✅Lifetime subscription – 0.024 BTC (Platinum package 👉 Read description (

✅1 Year subscription – 0.015 BTC (Gold  (👈 Read description).

✅1 Month subscription – 0.0064 BTC (Silver 👉 Read description (

✅1 Week subscription for test accuracy our signals – 0.0042 BTC (Light  (👈 Read description).

✅1 Week of access to a SPECIAL PREMIUM CHANNEL where the names of coins are published a few minutes before the pump – 0.0022 BTC. This type of subscription is for fast and experienced traders only.

👍💥Special offer ( for traders and investors who want take more than 100-300% profit💰 in just ⏰24 hours! (👉 Watch example and some proofs ( of our 🚀Big Mega Pump signals).

✅Lifetime access to VIP Big Mega Pump channel – 0.15 BTC.

✅1 Time access to VIP Big Mega Pump  – 0.02 BTC.

✅1 Month access to VIP Big Mega Pump  – 0.034 BTC.

⁉️Are you ready to join the 👑VIP community and take ⏰quick profits💰 in just 4-12 hours (from 5 to 12% profit) and huge profits (from 20 to 65% profit) in a few days (*if you want to hold coins for 2-6 days), like all our 👑VIP-members?

👍 To do this, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the type of subscription that interests you;

2. Pay for a subscription to 👇

💳 BTC address bc1qnhdvdvw9wmdq8fyxrek820dqyzc4an9vd6nart

3. Make a screenshot of your successful transaction and 📩send it to @APPGLOBALS for confirmation. Within ⌛️2-3 minutes he will check the transaction and prepare an 🔗invitation link for you‼️

🔔Get from @APPGLOBALS an 🔗invitation link which add you to the 👑VIP Channel and you can start taking huge profits, like all our 👑VIP-MEMBERS.

👉WARNING! 1 invitation link is issued only for the 1 account from which the screenshot with the payment confirmation was sent. Whoever resells our signals to their friends will be 🧨BANNED FOREVER!

‼️ Use these links for more helpful information👇

1. 📚Read instructions ( – How to use our signals.

3. 📌Results ( of the latest Pumps and PROFIT reports🧮

3. 💥Use Affiliate program ( Invite your friends and earn money💰.

4. ☎️Contact to @APPGLOBALS for buy any type of VIP-subscription. We provide 24/7 support.

5. 💳 Our BTC-address bc1qnhdvdvw9wmdq8fyxrek820dqyzc4an9vd6nart

6. ☎️Contact to @leadzevs for technical support and setting up the auto-trading bot (For VIP-Members only).

7. 🇺🇸👉🌐Receive notifications in your native language‼️

To do this, subscribe to our Telegram bot @cryptotranslator_bot then click “Start” and choose your 🌐language from the list. The bot will provide a invite link to the channel.

8.  👤🗣Feedback from 👥📊📈traders and members of our 👑VIP channel on the 📌accuracy and efficiency of signals for taking a profit 👉

👍Our team will help you enjoy trading cryptocurrency on Binance and always take fast profit in safe mode!

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