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LONDON, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Unique network, the first NFT chain for Polkadot, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with RMRK association Expand the capabilities of non-fungible tokens in blockchain ecosystems. This partnership shows the first cross-project example of NFTs from different blockchains overlaying their design in such a way that their usefulness, ease of use and functionality are expanded for the broader metaverse.

Following the successful launch of Chelobricks in May and a $ 4.3 million fundraising, Unique Network is expanding its evolving NFT universe by partnering with RMRK’s first NFT collection, Kanaria. The intrinsic design of this collection allows any NFT to grow and improve over time. The NFTs begin as eggs that hatch unique and rare canary birds that develop with the platforms around them. The Kanaria Birds offer the holders additional benefits, including permanent platform benefits, and entitle the holders to the fair drop of $ RMRK tokens.

“Our Chelobrick Collection saw all 10,000 unique, randomly generated, brick-based characters in less than 20 hours, underscoring the continued global demand for the NFT sector. Our partnership with RMRK takes this sector to its next logical iteration – NFTs that can interact with each other, own each other, evolve each other, and be governed by DAOs. Through this Kanaria launch, we are showing the world that NFTs are not meant to sit in wallets and collect dust. They are designed to bring human expression into the next phase of the future“Says Unique Network co-founder Alexander Mitrovich.

RMRK and Unique Network have formed this partnership to not only expand the scope and vision of NFTs, but also to address the scalability and network congestion of the Ethereum network. Given that Ethereum was built as a network for fungible asset classes, the introduction of NFTs on Ethereum has skyrocketed gas prices, prevented the training of new crypto users, and ultimately limited its usefulness. This partnership will expand and strengthen the ease of use and scalability of the Polkadot and Kusama chains by exceeding the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.

“This partnership demonstrates the power of composable, forever liquid, multi-resource NFTs that not only stay in your wallet until the next NFT hype makes them popular, but also increase their liquidity and utility into the future,” says RMRK -Founder Bruno Skvorc. “They do this by being expandable with new looks and new applications for NFT projects that didn’t exist when they were originally coined. By coining a special NFT article for Canary Islands and then adding an additional resource for rendering up Chelobricks, We are successfully demonstrating the first cross-project NFT integration, an item set that can be shared and used by two independent NFT collections. “

Any existing Chelobrick owner who purchases a Kanaria Egg can claim a legendary NFT that can be equipped on both the Chelobrick and the Kanaria bird that hatches from the egg. Once a Chelobrick owner purchases a Kanaria Egg, they are entitled to NFTs that improve, evolve and grow over time, and are forever liquid as they are automatically applicable to any future NFT project. As a demonstration of RMRK’s multi-resource NFTs, this single NFT will be wearable for both the Kanaria bird purchased through this link and the Chelobrick figure. This collaboration marks the first ever Chelobrick crossover event, but it won’t be the last time Chelobricks get the chance to experience the ecosystems of the future.

For more information, please visit Unique Network and join us on Twitter and Telegram.

About the RMRK association

RMRK is an association registered in Zug, Switzerland, which leads the development of the RMRK protocol for the creation of highly composable “Art Legos” with NFTs on Kusama. RMRK is revolutionizing the NFT space by developing features like: emoting NFTs, custom burn messages, NFTs that own NFTs, conditional rendering (if so, show that), updatable NFTs, and NFTs that can be managed as DAOs. RMRK has implemented its own standards and is rapidly expanding in Kusama in dapps, platforms and chains being introduced in this ecosystem.

About Unique Network

Unique Network is an infrastructure for the next generation of NFTs. As the first NFT chain for Kusama and Polkadot, it offers developers independence from network-wide transaction fees and upgrades. Unique Network’s team built Substrapunks, the first NFTs on Polkadot, won Hackusama in 2020 and created the range of substrates for NFTs. Unique Network starts in summer 2021.

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