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Dogecoin was down 3.15% on Sunday. Dogecoin partially reversed a 9.01% rally from Saturday and ended the week down 15.90% to $ 0.1816.

An uptrend earlier in the day caused Dogecoin to rebound to an early morning intraday high of $ 0.1960 before turning back into reverse.

Dogecoin fell below the first major resistance level of $ 0.2056 and slid to an intraday low of $ 0.1803 in the last hour.

Dogecoin ended the day at $ 0.181 and ended the day a long way from the first major support level of $ 0.1691.

At the time of writing, Dogecoin is down 1.22% to $ 0.1794. After a mixed start to the day, Dogecoin rose to an early morning high of $ 0.1843 before falling to a low of $ 0.1789.

Dogecoin left key support and resistance levels untested early on.

For the next day

Dogecoin would have to move through the $ 0.1860 pivot to bring the first major resistance level into play at $ 0.1916.

However, support from the broader market would be required for Dogecoin to climb back to the $ 0.19 level.

Aside from an extended crypto rally, the first major resistance level and Sunday’s high at $ 0.1960 would likely limit any uptrend.

In the event of a breakout, Dogecoin could test the resistance at $ 0.20 before retreating. The second major resistance level is at $ 0.2017.

Failure to cross the $ 0.1860 pivot would bring the first major support level back into play at $ 0.1759.

However, apart from another lengthy sell-off, Dogecoin should stay away from below $ 0.17 levels. The second major support level at $ 0.1703 should limit the downside.

Look at the technical indicators

First major support level: $ 0.1759

Pivot Level: $ 0.1860

First major resistance level: $ 0.1916

23.6% FIB Retracement Level: $ 0.3016

38.2% FIB Retracement Level: $ 0.3859

62% FIB Retracement Level: $ 0.5221

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