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The Cardano-based decentralized exchange went live on ExMarkets

The highly anticipated ADAX IEO has just gone live on the ExMarkets Launchpad and now anyone can join the project. The ADAX team did everything possible to meet the schedule and prepare it for crypto enthusiasts to be part of this innovative project. The starting price of Adax is $ 0.20. With a total of 100 million tokens minted, the 14 million tokens intended for public sale are already selling like crazy on ExMarkets. This could be the best time not only to be part of this promising project, but also to have the chance to generate high returns as the market matures for Adax.

ADAX, an undocumented crypto exchange hosted in the Cardano ecosystem, is a Cardano-based token that aims to give its older counterparts a run for their money with its innovative approach to exchange services. Aside from the innovative nature of ADAX, a story of positive growth is in sight, supported by the technology behind it.

ExMarkets is a reputable crypto crowdfunding platform that helps both startups and established companies raise funds for new projects. We all know how raising funds has become a real challenge after many large shark investors tend to slow down investments in new projects mainly due to fears of the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve all seen ADA take off a lot lately as people realize the potential of the blockchain. More precisely, there is a high demand for a faster and cheaper blockchain. The crypto space has already seen decentralized exchanges with Ethereum / BSC as the main currency that users can convert to any other currency. For example Uniswap, one of the biggest DEXs, quite slow and expensive for average users. Using Cardano in such an environment is only suitable as it promises much higher speeds with low transaction fees.

Comparing this token to its competitors in the market, Uniswap grew 30x in the first few months, while others like Pancakeswap saw a much larger rally of around 100x in the initial few months. Similarly, SushiSwap went from $ 0.6 to $ 23 in a short period of time. This comparison of ADAX-like tokens shows what potential it has both in the short and long term.

Speculation aside, ADAX aims to increase its intrinsic value from time to time according to its roadmap, which coincides with the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. All in all, there are no big doubts when it comes to appreciating the value of ADAX in the future as crypto’s brief history is on its side.

Check it out here: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad/adax-ada

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