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How to send BNB and BEP20 tokens from one address to multiple addresses. is a utility for bulk sending BNB and BEP-20 tokens to multiple addresses from a CSV or TXT file.

What is this tool used for?

For many project owners, the notion of having to send thousands of tokens to potentially hundreds of wallet addresses can be daunting. To solve this problem, we created the Binance Sender Dapp, a useful tool for batch sending tokens to multiple wallet addresses in 3 easy steps.

To send the tokens, users simply need to request the wallet addresses they want to send Binance tokens to and the number of tokens they want to send to each address Error supported where possible.


How to use

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Prepare the address list (CSV or TXT file)

Step 3: Make sure that your wallet is in the Binance Main net

Step 4: Select the token you want to send from the drop down menu

Step 5: Click Upload CSV and select your Airdrop list (the format must be, wallet address in column 1 and the token value in column 2)

Step 6: Click Approve (This will prompt transactions in your Binance wallet to approve the amount you want to send.)

Step 7: Check the Binance Sender Summary

Step 8: Once everything is fine, click Submit

Step 9: Binance Send completed – Transaction information received

Visit the Website and start your token distribution today

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