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Ahead of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Bitcoin Magazine Podcast host Christian Keroles sat down with keynote speaker and incredible Bitcoin thinker Allen Farrington for one of his very first podcast appearances. This interview covered two of Farrington’s seminal works and why Farrington prefers to examine the cultural and literary alignments of Bitcoin versus the typical framework of business, commerce and technology.

First, Keroles and Farrington dived into his article “The Capital Strip Mine”. The article is roughly a 30 minute read and it explores why the current fiat system is effectively draining the US and the current financial system of its resources. Farrington compares what is happening on the capital markets with the open pit mining techniques that have become popular today. Farrington complains that due to the poor incentives of fiat money, civilization has adopted a “growth at any price” mentality and has given up any respect for long-term thinking and preservation.

Second, they came in Farrington’s blockbuster article “Bitcoin Is Venice, Bitcoin Is”. In this article, Farrington informs the reader about the anomaly that Venice is at the height of Italy. Venice was a magical mix of healthy money, capitalism and free society when many of its neighbors operated in vain. Unlike other major cities, Venice was a bastion of the arts, wealth and thought. Farrington describes how Bitcoin’s sound and fair monetary properties provide a framework for humanity to return to Venetian terms and hopefully prosperity.

Finally, Keroles and Farrington discussed Farrington’s plans for his now live Bitcoin 2021 keynote presentation entitled “The Milk Of Paradise: Bitcoin And The Western Canon”. The speech discussed how Western literature, culture, and historical lessons can all be incorporated into the values ​​and properties that Bitcoin codifies on a physical network on nodes that maintain consensus in a decentralized manner. Enjoy this fascinating conversation with Allen Farrington.

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