Interview: The Plebs Bitcoin Growth Fund with Ben Worth


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In this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”, presenter Christian Keroles sat down with Ben Price from the Bitcoin development project Open Sats.

Price is a bitcoin pleb who left Visa to work on funding open source software development. He founded Open Sats, a 100% non-profit organization that enables Bitcoiners to donate tax-deferred donations to open source development. The Open Sats platform has a page where users can regularly donate to independent developers or projects listed on Open Sats, or they can donate to a general fund allocated by the board of directors. The board consists of Price, Matt Odell, Udi, Janine, James O’Beirne and several other well-known Bitcoiners.

Keroles and Price discussed the process of starting the nonprofit organization and the challenges they faced. Price emphasized why 100% pass-through is a key differentiator and thanked several partners who made the project possible at no cost, including the entire board of directors. Price discussed his 100% BTC-denominated policy and how Open Sats will keep all funds in Bitcoin and distribute all donations exclusively in Bitcoin.

The project is optimized to help Bitcoiners donate to the best projects in the Bitcoin space, in a bitcoin-forward fashion.

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