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The Suicide Squad’s polka dot man is often viewed as the lame villain in the DC Universe … but there’s a tragic story hidden beneath the goofy suit.

A new member of the Suicide squad, Abner Krill the Polka dot man Widely considered one of DC’s dumbest supervillains, but the character has a sad story in the comics that ends in pain. While writing the script for The Suicide Squad for 2021, director James Gunn was looking for “… the dumbest DC character ever,” and his search led him straight to Polka-Dot Man, one of many silly villains from the Silver Age of comics. But Polka-Dot Man is anything but a punch line – his story is a dotted warning story that, in retrospect, could only lead to a tragic ending.

Batman’s Villain Gallery is one of the most famous in comics (even among non-comics readers) and features villains as notable as the Joker, Catwoman, and Two-Face. For every known enemy, however, there are ten or more villains that are quickly forgotten: Humpty-Dumpty, Corrosive Man, Amygdala, Crazy Quilt, and of course Polka-Dot Man. Abner Krill, called Mister Polka-Dot when he first appeared, was the leader of a small gang of thieves who were interested in anything to do with commercials; Robin found Abner notoriously with a leopard. He was so ineffective that in his own debut edition he got caught off the panel … and his life only got worse from then on.

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Polka-Dot Man tried to rise to the top of the underworld, but more powerful villains like the Joker and the Penguin made his goal unattainable and he suffered terribly low self-esteem as a result. He was unemployed and in dire need of money. He began a very short-lived crime frenzy that ended when Harvey Bullock of the Gotham City Police Department brutally beat him in front of dozens of witnesses. Abner was hospitalized; his injuries were so severe that he filed a formal complaint against the GCPD, which resulted in Bullock undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. This made him even more ridiculous in the underworld – the fact that Polka-Dot Man’s biggest hit was an official complaint didn’t make him rogue friends (and certainly none at GCPD).

While he eventually recovered from Bullock’s attack, krill received no compensation and became an alcoholic. In Batgirl: Year One # 5, he’s even seen in his costume, scolding the bartender while drunk, only to get the bartender to knock him out with a baseball bat (and to make the injury worse, this entire exchange takes place in the background ). Finally, after being viewed as a joke for years, Krill eagerly joined several C-List villains as allies of General Immortus in Final Crisis Aftermath: Run, who outfitted his minions with advanced technology. It wasn’t enough; During a battle, a manhole cover landed on krill’s head, bringing the polka dot man’s career to a disgraceful and cruel end.

Something about Polka-Dot Man was well received by Batman writers; his ridiculous costume and gimmick led them to keep using poor Abner krill whenever someone needed to be injured – physically or otherwise. Comics are populated with dozens of once-villains, but somehow Polka-Dot Man was chosen as the punching bag of the DC Universe until his death. Who mourns the anti-Adonais? Maybe in The suicide squadYour comic book fans will get an answer, but for now Polka dot man remains dead and almost forgotten.

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