The quickest strategy to acquire monetary freedom is with Bitcoin


I believe that the founding fathers of the United States inscribed the idea that freedom is in life in the Declaration of Independence. While they took an amazing first step towards explaining this, since the rise of technology there has been a need to do it in monetary form.

I believe that bitcoin is the codification of monetary freedom. Like the Declaration of Independence, Bitcoin was launched from the moment it was realized;

“The nature of Bitcoin is such that after version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifespan.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

The very existence of the idea now enabled a reality in which freedom was to be demanded. After having tasted the taste of freedom, man had recognized the full potential of life, in that of sovereignty.

Financial freedom is achieved the moment you start acquiring Bitcoin. You immediately receive digital value – demonstrably scarce and unstoppable mobile. There are no outside entities to claim your property; There are no limits to how you can transfer your money. Each individual is claiming back their innate right to freedom, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and now also in the form of the Bitcoin code.

While the Declaration of Independence proclaimed the idea and theory of self-sovereignty, Bitcoin created the physical implementation of such property rights and made it possible to spread the manifestation of this freedom in reality. What the declaration did on a theoretical level, Bitcoin achieves on a material level through monetary property rights.

It is interesting to think that such an achievement was only possible with the creation of the Internet. As much as the printing press led to the spread of education, writing, and reading – necessary for something like the Declaration of Independence – the internet made Bitcoin possible. The printing press, the origin of worldwide media for recording content, connected people across time and space. The Internet is doing this feat even faster and exponentially more effectively.

And so we understand with this knowledge; Bitcoin, made possible by today’s global networking, is a physical manifestation of freedom.

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