XPOP ​​Launches World’s First Polkadot-Based mostly Leisure NFT Market – Enterprise Wire


Seoul, South Korea – (BUSINESS WIRE) – XPOP, a Korean blockchain technology company, announced that the Polkadot blockchain-based entertainment marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) will be the world’s first to launch in late June.

Based on various content partnerships with a number of K-pop entertainment companies, the XPOP project team is preparing to register and distribute large content on XPOP’s new NFT marketplace through the participation of famous K-pop artists.

XPOP ​​NFT Marketplace provides a decentralized service to certify the originality of content and content ownership of each artist and to ensure the secure distribution of content on the XPOP blockchain network. XPOP ​​Parachain is formed on the basis of Polkadot, a smart contract that can be changed according to different content distribution companies. The entertainment NFT marketplace launched by the XPOP project team with unmatched technological performance will be the world’s first service to be combined with the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem that provides interoperability with different blockchain networks.

This Polkadot-based marketplace allows the use of various cryptocurrency-based and collectable content in addition to XPOP. It will be a truly decentralized content marketplace where users can safely and conveniently register and trade content. XPOP ​​NFT Marketplace has been tested with collectable content such as digital photo cards and illustrations by K-Pop artists. Prominent blockchain media showed interest in the XPOP project in the early stages of its opening. Now all eyes are drawn to the value of the XPOP token in time for its listing on the major crypto exchanges.

XPOP ​​is a Korean company of experts in blockchain technology and entertainment content. In line with the fast changing recent trend, XPOP offers various content players the entertainment NFT marketplace, the blockchain smart contract trading in the entertainment market, and the web 3.0-based future-oriented development of the digital content industry using the NFT Technology enables. XPOP ​​is currently preparing to partner up and start the K-pop entertainment business in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently listed on the Melon Exchange (https://www.melonex.io) and Hotbit Korea (https://www.hotbit.co.kr), the XPOP Foundation will run investment campaigns with individual investors and investment companies around the world.

Details on the official announcements and activities of the XPOP Foundation can be found on XPOP’s official Telegram channel (https://t.me/xpopblockchain).

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